Do not start stones rolling.


I’ve been on holiday in Austria for the last two weeks, and I will write at least one more post about the interesting things I have seen & learned when I have time, but for now here are some additions to my collection of pictures of… signs.

I have kind of a fixation on signs, and generally writing in public places. Especially outside of cities, where it’s all over the place anyway. It’s interesting! Tourist board markings to reassure you you’re on a proper hiking path, messages random passers by have left, memorials, all of it. Sometimes it’s full sentences (I got an entire poem on one this time!), sometimes it’s single words, sometimes it’s nothing but symbols or colours, but it all gets more or less understood anyway. They all have different purposes and motives, and they’re all so aesthetically pleasing to me.

Here’s what I’ve added to my collection from East Tyrol.