small wildlife adventure


Hello friends! I had a long weekend this week thanks to Jesus business, a very welcome respite from capitalism. I feel a little like the heat and the relaxation have taken all of the words out of my brain but I want to show you some of the photos I took on Saturday on a trip to the Wisentgehege.

(which is not actually that far away but does require taking a bus that only runs once every two hours)

It’s an animal park, where mostly native animals are kept, partially in open areas you can walk through (the various types of deer, reindeer, mouflon) and partially in enclosures (wild horses, bears, wolves, elk, bison, wolverines, otters, etc). It’s especially dedicated to breeding and preserving the European bison. There’s also a rescue herd of reindeer who had their first ever calves this year! Unfortunately my camera had run out of battery by that point, but they are very small and very cute.

It was a warm day, so most of the animals were sensibly napping.

One of the young elks hung out with me at the fence for a little while, which was both incredibly cool and very scary. I could watch the strange otherworldly way in which elk move forever.

just some ancient megafauna nbd

Parts of the park were defeinitely less well maintained than others like this dilapidated mushrooms exhibit.

What a satisfying and thematically appropriate decay, though.

It was also really nice seeing all the old growth woodland and the small… unintentional wildlife.

Next up I have a post with some book and podcast recs almost finished, so look out for that soon!

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