Grand reopening

Blog Housekeeping

Hello! Welcome to the reopening of this blog! New title, new look, new hopefully more frequent posting schedule. Same nerding about history and books and games and queer stuff. I’m having a mental health upswing recently, so I’m hoping to have the energy to put out a post every week or two for now!

the woodland erratic is here to hang out with you

I’ve thought a little about the tone I want to use for my writing here, and I’m leaning towards something fairly casual. Because I have fun writing this way, I don’t need to impress anybody for a grade, and it means I get to play around with words and express myself. It might partially be a defense mechanism developed during the breakup me and academia had a few years ago, but I personally believe that I can communicate just as precisely and emotionally as I want while still indulging in emoji and humorous hyperbole.

I’m also not sure I want to spend a lot of time explaining things. I’m editing a post about fanfiction right now, and I really don’t feel like attempting to summarise what fic is and why people write and read it before I get to the meat of what I’m actually saying. This writing will be for me, and my friends, and people who share a similar set of reference points, firstly.

Any and all of that might change, but for now that’s what you can expect here. I have a few posts queued up already, so stay tuned for podcast recs, fanfiction opinions, queer history, art dumps, and book reviews in the next few weeks. ✌️💖

Coming up tomorrow: some thoughts about queerness and fanfic, and a few recs!