Colouring Books/Zines


Thefe medieval beftiary infpired beafts are ready for you to colour and enjoy! Like 6 kleine Viecher, it’s copied onto thick coated paper, so you can colour them wih coloured pencils or markers. And it’s also double-sided! Unfold and refold it for a second colouring booklet on the other side.

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6 kleine Viecher / 6 little creatures

This is a zine colouring book of small creatures and their homes. It’s copied onto thick paper, so if you want you can colour it in without worrying about pushing through to the other side. It’s double sided: unfold it once it’s done and fold it back up for another one on the other side! I hope it brings you some relaxation and joy in these troubling times.

„6 kleine Viecher“ ist ein kleines Malheft mit sechs Kreaturen und ihren Zuhausen, zum angucken, anmalen (oder nicht. Wie ihr wollt. Sie nehmen euch das nicht übel.) & anfreunden.

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