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Hello hello. I neglected to do a reading update last month, because I was once again being busy with friendship and gay art around the end of the month. I’ll roll it into one for October, since my reading has slowed down a bit now we’ve hit autumn and my entire being longs for hibernation, anyway.

For now, though, an update on the ART I’ve been making recently! I have two collaborations with my astounding friend eli dobromylskyj that are going to be released into the world SOON, and I’m gradually vaporising with excitement for everyone to look at them.

.@woodlanderratic and i have two projects together and i just really need you to compare the aesthetics of the two pic.twitter.com/e07VjL13Cz— eli dobromylskyj (@tidaldissonance) October 22, 2019

I spent two weeks in Sweden earlier this month, and eli and I spent the entire time pushing each other further into an intense art fugue, burrying the entire kitchen table in chaos, making an extremely queer zine of… things that are not maps. I think you’ll probably understand it best by looking at the quotes we chose for the cover.

There are a few more little preview snippets on eli’s twitter. In the middle of my visit we went to an art exhibition on cruising spaces, which influenced the latter maps very positively,

mainly by making them contain much more sex jokes than before.

The other project is YOUR LOVER IS DEAD, a two player one-shot ttrpg we’ve been working on for a while, about perceptions and (dis)connection between people in a relationship, and also, most importantly, kissing ghosts. It’s so close to done now — I did a final(?) proofreading pass yesterday — keep an eye open on Halloween!